7th Grade News!

03/13/23: This week in Mrs. Karcher’s 7th Grade ELA class, students took part in an interactive escape room activity in order to prepare for their “Types of Sentences” quiz. Here are some photos from the activity! The students worked hard and had a lot of fun, and many groups were successfully able to “escape”! Congratulations to our classroom winners!! 

03/08/23: This week in 7th Grade English Language Arts, Mrs. Karcher's students presented their research projects to their peers this week. The students got to choose any topic that they wanted to research, and the presentations were very diverse! They created research questions, conducted thorough research, wrote a research paper, and then created persuasive presentations. Mrs. Karcher is so proud of her students and the hard work that they put into these projects over the past month and a half. See below for some photos! 

02/14/23: This week in Mrs. Karcher's 7th Grade ELA class, students wrote anonymous Valentine's Day cards to their classmates. At the end of the period, every student left the class with a personalized note from a classmate. Mrs. Karcher and Mrs. Platt were so impressed by the kind words that each student wrote for their peers. The letters were genuine, heartfelt, and personal, and overall expressed love and admiration for each student. The goal of this activity was for each and every 7th grader to be reminded that they are loved and cared about, that they are special, and that their peers (despite what they may think) notice the great qualities in each of them. Here is another reminder of how easy and important it is to spread love and kindness. 

01/30/23: Students in Mrs. Ebersole's 7th Grade Social Studies classes learned about the development of River Civilizations. The learning culminated in a project where the students created their own "civilizations". The students created "artifacts" from these civilizations that were not only creative, but showed understanding of the key elements of civilization. We had a "museum" in each class where the students displayed their work. They showed tremendous creativity! ss7013023ass7013023fss7013023ess7013023dss7013023css7013023b

11/22/22: Mrs. Karcher's 7th Grade ELA Class celebrated the end of The Outsiders novel by dressing up like Socs and Greasers for the day for extra credit. Here are some photos below! 

10/28/22: This week the 7th Grade Social Studies classes were learning about the beginnings of civilization. They built Neolithic farming villages using Legos to understand the connection between agriculture and the advancement of civilization. They were very creative and had lots of fun with this hands-on learning activity!

10/4/22: Mrs. DeWalt's Math 7 and Math 7 Accelerated classes calculated the height of objects using indirect measurement. We measured the height and shadow of one object, then used the shadow of a second object to calculate the height of the second object. Our goal was to get a height closest to the actual height!

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