Lake Drive Program

The Lake Drive Program Vision Statement

The Lake Drive Program has a distinguished history of excellence. From its origins nearly thirty-eight years ago, it has consistently been in the forefront of innovative programming in deaf education. As we move into the twenty-first century, we continue to meet the changing and varied needs of children with hearing loss. We will meet these needs with the same commitment to quality that has always been exhibited. The Lake Drive Program continues to build upon its foundation of quality and strengths, as we expand our knowledge and skills to address the current trends in deaf education. Our highly trained staff supports our children in achieving and experiencing positive outcomes across all areas of programming.

The Lake Drive Program at Briarcliff

The Lake Drive Middle School Program's focus is to help children develop their individual intellectual and creative potential. It is also a focus of middle school program to support children in their continued development of social skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. The program allows children to gain an increased sense of responsibility, respect for others as well as for themselves. As the students build their academic knowledge and skills, they learn to work cooperatively and responsibly which helps them to increase and positively build their self worth and self-esteem. This will help prepare our students for the responsibilities, challenges and activities of a high school program.

The Lake Drive middle school program is housed within the Lake Drive building as well as the Briarcliff building. Programming within each building helps prepare the student for the opportunity to choose a high school placement based upon their individual academic, communicative, social and emotional progress and ability.

Lake Drive Staff at Briarcliff:

Building First Name Last Name Position Subject/Dept. Grade email
Briarcliff Michele Lawrey Teacher Lake Drive All
Briarcliff Beth Sickles Paraprofessional Lake Drive All
Briarcliff Danielle Martini Teacher Lake Drive All
Briarcliff Janice Petrocco Speech Language Specialist Lake Drive All
Briarcliff Nancy Salus Paraprofessional Lake Drive All
Briarcliff Jasmine Urbanek Paraprofessional Lake Drive All
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