7th Grade

Algebra 1A This course is the first year of our two-year Algebra 1 course. New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Grade 7 and concepts of pre-algebra will be integrated into the course, while introducing students to formal Algebra. 7th Grade topics include geometry, ratios & proportions, percents, and probability.  Algebra topics include expressions, equations, and functions; properties of and operations with real numbers; solving linear equations and inequalities; and graphing equations. TI-84+ graphing calculators will be used throughout the course. Upon completion of this course, students will either be placed in Algebra 1B, which will complete the Algebra 1 two-year program, or Algebra Concepts which will prepare students for the Algebra 1 class at the high school.

Algebra 1AB This course is designed for students identified as being advanced in their learning of mathematics and is aligned with the Algebra 1 course taught at Mountain Lakes High School.  This course will provide the foundation in critical thinking and algebraic reasoning that students will need for future math courses, the sciences, and everyday life, while adhering to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for High School Algebra.  Topics include properties of real numbers; writing, solving, and graphing functions, linear equations and inequalities; systems of equations and inequalities; exponents and exponential functions; radicals and the Pythagorean Theorem; polynomials; factoring; use of square roots, completing the square and using the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations; and simplifying, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions.  TI-84+ graphing calculators will be used throughout the course. Upon completion of this course students will transition into Geometry Honors after demonstrating a passing score on the Algebra 1 PARCC exam.

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