Big 6 Research Process Model

Task Definition

Task Definition
1.1 Define the information problem
1.2 Identify information needed (to solve the information problem)

What is my current task?
What are some topics/questions I need to answer?
What information will I need?

Information Seeking Strategies

Information Seeking Strategies
2.1 Determine all possible sources (brainstorm)
2.2 Select the best sources

What are all the possible sources to check?
What are the best sources of information for this task?

Location and Access

Location and Access
3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically)
3.2 Find information within sources

Where can I find these sources?
Where can I find the information in the source?

Use of Information

Use of Information
4.1 Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch)
4.2 Extract relevant information

What information do I expect to find in this source?
What information from the source is useful?


5.1 Organize from multiple sources
5.2 Present the information

How will I organize my information?
How should I present my information?


6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness)
6.2 Judge the process (efficiency)

Did I do what was required?
Did I complete each of the Big6 Stages efficiently?

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