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Our School

The Briarcliff Credo

L ove of learning
A ppreciation of the arts
K nowledge of self
E mpathy for others
R espect for all

P ersonal excellence
R esponsibility to the planet
I nterpersonal skills
D edication to the community
E thical behavior

Briarcliff Middle School is a sixth through eighth grade school serving the children of Mountain Lakes, as well as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in the Lake Drive School Program.  Our school and the community form a unique partnership with the common goal of providing for the changing needs of young adolescents in today's society.  Parental involvement is key to the success of our students during this time of transition.  The heterogeneous middle school's instructional program creates an academic atmosphere which enables all students to realize the joy of learning and, therefore, become life-long learners.  This academic program includes English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Language.  Physical Education, Health, Music, Art and Graphic Arts, Self-Science, Computer Technology, Strategies & Interventions, Communications, Reading, and Sign Language are also offered.  The Music Program includes Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, and String Ensemble.  In addition to the academic program, Briarcliff students are given the opportunity to choose individual activities through the Personal Enrichment Program (PEP).  This program encourages them to investigate, predict, invent, imagine, and compare.  It also nurtures personal growth and development in making choices and teaches self-motivation and acceptance of others and their ideas.  

Briarcliff encourages participation in its rich and varied assortment of extra-curricular activities.  These include the school newspaper, yearbook, academic competitions, and drama club, etc.  The athletic program offers intramural sports and interscholastic competition in cross-country and basketball.  The academic program, PEP, and extra-curricular activities combine to offer our students an environment conducive to the development of emotional and multiple intelligences.  The school's diverse curriculum provides the opportunity for the exploration of new ideas, concepts, and skills necessary for the total growth of the child.  Students are encouraged to improve their organizational skills, discover personal strengths, develop coping skills, cultivate a passion for learning, and, most importantly, build a positive self-image.  It is our common goal: 

To create a challenging academic environment which fosters the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of all children, while recognizing the uniqueness of the growth stage spanning the transition from childhood to adolescence.  

To encourage the development of compassion toward others, interpersonal skills, responsibility, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

To provide opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies, cooperative and communicational skills, and ability to transfer knowledge to new situations.

To promote the development of creativity and appreciation derived from all art.

To equip all students with the essential tools of research and information gathering through the use of technology.

To encourage the growth and development of personal values and opinions.

To support students in their quest to become productive, contributing members of society in the 21st Century.