What does it mean to be “gifted and talented?”

The term “gifted and talented” in education is used to indicate a learning difference.  Like other learning differences, giftedness is identified through both formal testing and specific evaluative measures.  Students with this learning difference typically have an IQ score in the top 5% of their population and demonstrate a variety of unique and advanced behaviors on a daily basis.

Gifted and talented students are different in that they may learn at a faster rate, understand concepts at a greater depth and complexity, have exceptional abstract reasoning skills, and are naturally creative and innovative in their thinking.  Therefore, it is crucial that their educational program be tailored to their unique learning needs in order to properly cultivate their academic potential.

Gifted and Talented Classes

Students identified as Gifted and Talented will be enrolled in an additional class taught by a teacher specialized in Gifted and Talented education.  This will allow identified students to work exclusively with one another on course content appropriate for their academic ability.  Students will also spend time working independently on course content specifically tailored to their area of interest.

School-wide Enrichment for All Students

The Gifted and Talented program provides a variety of enrichment activities, available to all students.  Students identified as Gifted and Talented are encouraged, but not required to take part in these activities.

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